Friday, October 5, 2018

ANB 5.0 - WNN October 5, 2018

Time for another week of WNN, and this week was actually pretty fun to do because it wasn't too stressful for me, because I was basically done by on Thursday. This week I contributed by doing most of Sports Community Weather and Surf, what I did was take photos, I brought in some photos that I got while I was up in Koke'e and at Waiohai, I did the editing, and I did some of the voiceovers. The writing process for the Sports Community and Weather script is that we have to find everything that is happening for Community and Sports then to see what the Weather and Waves are going to be like this weekend. What we have to consider to keep our news segment factually accurate is to keep in mind that the times of any sports matches could be changed or might not be determined yet and we have to ask Mr. Gonsalves where it is. What it takes to be successful in front of the camera is being able to remember your lines is a big part of because it's just being professional and not goofing around. Those behind the camera can help those in front of the camera by knowing what they have to do and direct them doing it. But that's all for this week of WNN.

ANB 5.0: Evaluate the interactions between various broadcast professions and their impact on broadcast media development.
ANB 5.1: Compare and contrast professions associated with the production of Broadcast media.

Friday, September 28, 2018

ANB 6.0 - WNN September 28, 2018

Time for another week of WNN, this week I did the host segment and helped with the special segment. What I did to contribute to special segment was do most of the editing, helped film and the editing. My current process for planning my segments visuals is normally talking to my team mates then going though our plan the next day because I try to plan it normally on Monday. Preproduction impacts the production a lot because it's better to know what you're doing before you get into it because you know what you need to go do. But that's all for this week of WNN see you guys next week.

ANB 6.0: Synthesize aspects of broadcast media to create a presentation that communicates a specific message to a target audience.
ANB 6.1: Plan and construct a broadcast message targeted to a specific audience.
ANB 6.2: Develop a broadcast media production that conveys a targeted message.
ANB 6.3: Evaluate the interaction between broadcasting professions during the planning, and production of a media broadcast.

Monday, September 24, 2018

ANB 4.0 - WNN September 21, 2018

Time for another week of WNN, and this week was kinda rushed. It was rushed because we had to do all of the special segment in one class, it wasn't that bad because it was just a skit but we still had to do it in one period. I think that this week with school news that the beginning was kinda distracting with the way it was edited, but I think that it was a good segment for actually explaining what stickiness is, then I think that maybe they should've picked a few different things for the sticky notes on the person because I don't think that Kapa'a High School is very sticky, the students just come because they either want to learn or they have to. For sports community and weather I think that we probably should've tried and gotten more of a themed of photos, but the photos were very high quality, but then again there were a few photos that weren't focused correctly. Next for the special segment I think that the slow mo shot of him throwing down the "vape" was kinda done poorly because of the frame rate, I think that the overall message of the segment was correctly done because it was easy to understand that it was anti vaping because of how it has take over our house, lastly I think that the little message in the end would've been better if Maceo did it because he was the one directing the segment or if the place we did was somewhere else. But that is all for this week see you same time next week.

ANB 4.0: Evaluate the use of broadcast media to convey a narrative message to a targeted audience.
ANB 4.1: Deconstruct various media presentations to identify their effective components and the organizational structures used to convey them.
ANB 4.2: Assess the use of broadcast media to elicit a desired response from a targeted audience.

Friday, September 14, 2018

WNN September 14, 2018

Another week done for WNN, and I think this week was pretty fun to actually to record some parts because it wasn't stressful because we actually had people who was willing to be interviewed and were ready when we got there. This week I helped by recording the interviews for school news, and did the editing for school news. I think that Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) could affect the broadcast industry by the way the information is received or the way they see the information, with VR or AR they could make it so they can see where they are talking about as if they were there, and all they would need for it is a way of sending out 360 live footage of where they're talking about so people could see it like it was first hand. So I think that VR and AR would increase the content distribution. But that's all for this week of WNN, see you next week.

ANB 2.0: Evaluate the impact of advances in media technology on audiences and the broadcast industry.
ANB 2.1: Assess how changes in media technology have affected the accessibility of broadcast production.
ANB 2.2: Evaluate the impact of distribution technologies on the broadcast media industry and development.

Friday, September 7, 2018

WNN September 7, 2018

Time for week 5, and this week was another shorter one. But I feel like the weeks that are Tuesday to Friday just feel less stressful than Monday to Thursday, I don't really know why I think that but it might be like that because we have until Thursday which feels later in the week than Wednesday does, which would be out dead line when we have Friday off. This week I contributed by doing most of sports, community, and weather I helped by taking photos, doing voice overs, and editing it. I think that future of broadcast media is that it's going to become more internet powered because it seems like majority of people like using the internet to watch things now instead of cable tv. I see the broadcast industry evolving alongside societal advancement by changing to what people like to use and start to show their story so they can still have people view and earn money off of what they make.

ANB 1.0 - Evaluate the evolving relationship between broadcast media and society for its impact on the broadcast industry.
ANB 1.1 - Assess broadcasting as a communicative medium used to captivate, inform, motivate, or entertain.
ANB 1.2 - Compare and contrast the impact of radio, television and Internet broadcasting on modern culture and society.
ANB 1.3 - Assess the response of broadcast media and the broadcast industry to societal changes.

Friday, August 31, 2018

WNN August 31, 2018

Time for week 4 of WNN, and this week was not that bad to film because we had more people cooperating with us and more people knew about what we were filming. This week I helped with filming the interviews for school news and editing some of the music video.

Who are the FCC? The FCC, or the Federal Communications Commission, are they people who regulate all interstate communications, like satellite, or cable.  To enforce their rules the FCC takes in complaints and then investigates the complaints that they receive. While I do agree with the what the FCC is doing to keep things safer or adding the extra protection for people and listening to peoples complaint's I don't agree with everything that they do, like trying to repeal Net Neutrality, but they are doing good in other areas.

But that's it for week 4, thanks for reading.


ANB 3.0: Comply with legal and ethical practices used in the positive production and distribution of broadcast media.

ANB 3.1: Examine the significance of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to broadcast media distribution and development.

ANB 3.2: Evaluate legal and ethical behavior related to the creation, use, and distribution of broadcast content that minimizes the risk of legal or moral consequence.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

WNN August 23, 2018

Time for another long week of WNN, after that three day and four day weekend it feels like this is a long week for WNN just because of us having extra time. This week I helped with holding the camera and going out and interviewing people for spirit week. I think to be a successful film director you have to be firm with your choices and have to make people do what you need them to do. In the broadcast industry the role of being a Project Manager is being in overall charge and executing a certain project. Then a Executive Producer is one of the top positions in the creations of commercial entertainment. Lastly a Director of Photography, they assist the film director by establishing the visual look of the movie. I think that the career path that interests me is the director of photography interests me the most. My favorite moment from this week of WNN was just going out for spirit week and getting to just do handheld interviews with people. That's it for this week of blogging for WNN.


ANB 5.0: Evaluate the interactions between various broadcast professions and their impact on broadcast media development.

ANB 5.1: Compare and contrast professions associated with the production of Broadcast media.